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Become a Tutor

It’s not difficult to help an adult learn English. Our four-session workshop will teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

Session 1: You will learn how teaching adults is different from teaching children and about the characteristics of effective literacy tutors.

Session 2: You will find out how we enroll students and about the tools we use to test them. You will also learn what to do at your first lesson.

Session 3: You will learn how to plan a lesson so that your student’s goals are met. You will also learn about the many resources that are available.  

Session 4: You will start planning lessons for the student you are assigned. You will meet seasoned literacy tutors who will give you tips and techniques that they have found helpful.

Expect to do about seven hours of self-study over the two-week workshop in addition to your meetings. Your homework will include e-learning modules and questions for you to ponder.

Once you start tutoring, you will receive ongoing support from our Program Manager. She is a telephone call or an email away. Volunteer today!

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"I helped Christian write a letter to his employer asking for a raise. As a result, his status changed from being a temp worker to a permanent position."

—Carolyn W., LVFV tutor


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