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Tutoring at Your Business

According to the International Adult Literacy Survey, more than 40 percent of American workers have inadequate literacy skills. This is grim news for companies who face increasing global competition and changing technology. What is an employer to do?

Workplace education programs help employees improve their English. They also help employees understand what is expected in the workplace. As employees are empowered with increased skills, confidence and self-esteem, very real economic benefits are gained.

We have implemented workplace literacy programs at Pheasant Run Resort, R.R. Donnelley, and other companies. To discuss how your business can invest in a literate workforce, contact our Executive Director.

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“I have some wonderful news! Marcela got a computer job at Motorola. She really stuck it out at the Wendy’s drive-up window for a long time. She knows her job possibilities will improve with better English.”

–Nancy H., LVFV tutor


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